Why Soccer Tactics Matter: A Player Explains

Everyone in soccer is constantly talking about tactics. In recent years, we've gushed over the development of conservative 11-men-behind-the-ball approaches, the growth of tiki-taka and passenaccio, the rise of the mythical 4-2-3-1, and the spread of gegenpressing and counterattacking. I love this stuff. My friends… » 4/23/14 1:44pm 4/23/14 1:44pm

Reading Deadspin? Allow A Former MLS Player To Convince You Otherwise

This morning, I sat at my breakfast table going over the news. Checking through my inbox, I saw an email from a friend: "This is going to make you furious." It contained the link to a Deadspin article: "Getting Ready for MLS? Allow Us to Convince You Otherwise." » 3/07/14 4:17pm 3/07/14 4:17pm